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What is green roof?

A green roof, as the name implies, is a greenery-clad roofing system predominantly found on flat roofs, but pitched variations are also on the rise in popularity in many areas of the world. Usually made up of various trays containing an abundance of plant life, they are (for the most part) self-sustaining, and grow and evolve as time goes on to be more effective and visually appealing.

What are the Benefits of a Green Roof?

There is a plethora of benefits to installing a green roof onto your property. Primarily, green roofs are incredibly beneficial to the environment. Green roofs are a way of ensuring that ecosystems have a chance at continuing even with urban expansion, giving a home to various plants, insects and birds, some of which are becoming increasingly rare as their habitats disappear.

Another benefit to having a green roof is that it works as a natural drainage system. As the rain falls, instead of pooling and causing leaks and other types of damage to your building, it is absorbed by the soil and plants in your green roof. Any excess water will either be stored by soil or will trickle down into your drainage system without overwhelming it. While a drainage system will still be required, the green roof will serve as a valuable relief for your structure, especially on flat roofs where water collection is a very common issue.

While there are numerous practical benefits, the overall visual appeal of your roof cannot be understated. With an abundance of possible flowers, plants and shrubbery which can be supplied for your roof, it will look fantastic at all times of the year. While looking unquestionably bright and vivid in the summer, it will still maintain a lush, green appearance even during the peak of winter, with the flowers returning into bloom in mid to late springtime. The trays walls will ensure that no matter how successful your green roof is, it will never overgrow the boundaries you have set for it, and by attracting pollinating insects such as bees, the ecosystem is completely self-sustaining.

Are Green Roofs Difficult to Install and Maintain?

Green roofs are getting easier and easier to apply and look after. Historically, green roofs were much more difficult to maintain due to the ineffective methods of preventing water leakage and flora control, leading to very damp, overgrown roofs. However, this was many decades ago, and since then several manufacturers have strived to improve on an innovative idea in order to make it as simple and straightforward to oversee as possible.

It is worth noting, however, that green roof trays can be very heavy, especially a few months after installation when the plants have had time to grow. We strongly recommend using them strictly on stronger roofs and advise that you ensure your roof is capable of supporting a green roof before attempting to install one.

How long do Green Roofs Last?

Green roofs have a life expectancy of around 40 to 50 years, giving them a lifespan that outperforms a number of alternative roofing options considerably. This long lifespan can be attributed to several decisions made in the design and production processes of the latest green roof products. First of all, the plants featured are carefully selected with durability and longer lifespans in mind. Should the plants die, their fast seed production rate means more will quickly take its place.

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