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Cover method

If the roof has deteriorated and needs to be replaced, it is a construction method in which a metal roof is laid over the existing roof without removing it.

There is no need to remove the existing roof, no waste is produced, and the construction period can be shortened.

※Roof repairs start with a diagnosis of the state of the building, as it is necessary to  

   investigate not only the surface of the roof but also the corrosion of the foundation such as     sheathing boards and rafters.

・Cover method Ⅰ - Metal roof renovation

・Cover method Ⅱ - Corrugated slate roof renovation

 [Direct fixation method]

 This is a method that has been commonly used for quite some time, and is a method of  covering an existing corrugated slate roof with new metal roofing material and fixing it directly  to the main building with screws.

​ [Indirect fixation method]

 This is an indirect fixing method in which existing hook bolts are used to install a metal base  and a new metal roof is fixed to it. As a general rule, we do not drill new holes for screws in  corrugated slate plates.

・Cover method Ⅲ - decorative slate roof renovation

 The decorative slate cover construction method uses metal roofing materials such as  horizontal roofing and metal molded tiles. A common construction method is to cover the entire  roof as a single sheet by using an adhesive underlay (well reinforced and not torn) on top of the  decorative slate.

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