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Aiming for the best construction quality in Japan

In 2023, our company will celebrate its 11th anniversary.

Looking back on the past 10 years

up until now and from now on

to provide the highest construction quality

we will make further efforts in providing better service. 


Metal roof

Unlike ceramic materials, metal plates are thin and long plates that can be freely processed and used, so it can be applied to roofs with complicated curved or circular shapes, so you can chose according to the purpose of the building and the shape of the roof.


If rainwater flows down from down from the eaves to the ground, it will bounce off and wet the foundation and eventually rot. The main role of gutters is to prevent this situation.

Various repair work

This is an introduction to the "Cover construction method" that allows construction without dismantling the existing roof.

Metal wall

Metal siding is a dry exterior wall material made of molded and embossed metal plates and lining materials. Factory produced exterior materials on a consistent production line, featuring uniform finish, easy installation, and no need for paint finishes.

Snow Stops

Snow stops are a device installed on the roof to prevent the snow that has fallen on the roof from falling to the ground. Prevent damage to cars, carports and homes, and damage to passers due to snowfall.

Green roof

By green plants that are resistant to weather changes to the roof, green plants and soil can block direct sunlight and save on cooling costs in the summer. In addition, no maintenance is required after installation, so you don't have to worry about that. 

Company Profile


​Dainichi Co., Ltd.


​Toshiaki Akasaka




1st grade technician / two people
vocational training technician / one person
​Construction management engineer / one person


岩手県県知事許可 一般29 50272

Main Bank

​Iwate Bank-Kitakami office / Kitakami Shinkin Bank

Main Cliant

SEKINO Group. Kitakami Office
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