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Last year, in 2022, our company celebrated 10th anniversary, and from 2023, we will ready to turn over a new leaf and start 11th year.

In these days when natural disasters and social instability are raging, we believe that our work is an important occupation that supports the richness of everyone's lives.


For example, the roofs and exterior walls of the factories, warehouses, and offices of the company you work for, the roofs and exterior walls of your home where you return home after work, and the provision and maintenance of environments that exist naturally. is the mission and responsibility of our work.

Isn't it hot in your home where you spend your leisure time? Isn't it cold in winter?

What about company managers? Are there any damages or areas of concern outside your factory or office?

Our job is to create and protect the “Buildings” that are your assets.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns.

The perfect answer may not exist, but moving things around makes a difference.

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