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Last year, we started accepting applications from high school and university graduates. ​

We welcome not only recruits from Kitakami City, but also U-turn I-turns from Hanamaki, Morioka, and outside the prefecture.

​Currently, we are working with 5 people including women.

Valuing is important

We value the idea that "I think it's better  to do this " and "If I introduce this, everyone can work mode efficiently." A company is only possible because there are people who work. We aim to crate an environment where each person can work comfortably.

Full support for improving employee skills

The growth of employees is the growth of the company. Therefore, we are taking the initiative in enrolling in vocational training schools. We will do our best to support you with the aim of acquiring that can be used for a lifetime. Such as paying the full cost of admission.

New business we will do my best to back up

We would like to actively adopt new technologies adopt new technologies and ways of thinking without being bound by conventional wisdom and methods.

More important to try it for the time being than to worry about success or failure.


Women to be active

Challenging job

I work hard every day to do a good job.
After all, working with heavy objects can be physically demanding for women, but when I get used to it, I'm happy when I realize that my work speed has improved.
The construction industry is a job that can be done by both men and women. Please try to start from the challenge.

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Part-time worker wanted!

We are looking for part-time workers to work with us on metal plate processing!

Available for a limited time 

☆Inexperienced people are welcome 

☆All aged and genders are welcome

Recommended for those who want to work hard 4 or more days week.​


​paying: ¥1,000~  

Working hours: 8:00-12:00 / 13:00-17:00(4 days a week)

Job content:: Bending of metal plates

Job description

Occupation:Architectural Sheet Metal      Welfare:EIS・Workman’s comp・WPI・HIP​

​Job description:Roof / wall construction       Work time:8:00~17:00  ※Lunch break 1h / Break time 30min

Paying:¥180,000~¥250,000             Document:Resume with photo 

raise in salary:None                     Selection process:Interview

Bonus:Twice a year (Jun, Dec)            license:1st grade Driver's License (NOT POSSIBLE AT LIMITATION)

    ※Depends on performance     

​leave system:paid leave, New year holiday season etc.

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